Almost 50 and I’m still at my best. IT manager. Photography is a big hobby for me and I spend a lot of time with it. Looking back, I’ve been taking pictures of something somewhere since I was a kid. My dad gave me first on a little Beirette when I was about 10, then occasionally borrowed his Yashica.

In high school I learned to develop and enlarge film in the darkroom. I remember my parents weren’t at all thrilled when I took over their bathroom. At my first job, sometimes I needed to shoot something for a magazine. And so on. I took breaks occasionally, then I bought a little Nikon D40, which I used to drive around Europe and was a great companion.

I didn’t start shooting properly until 2022, when I got a small Lumix with a great 20/1.7 lens from a friend in my pocket. I got so hooked again that I then bought a big Nikon D300 and some lenses. The turning point, however, came when I got my hands on a Leica M10… It took a while, but with the help of a friend I became the owner of an M240, which I still shoot with today and hope to for a long time to come. Gradually the Lieca IIIf, Minolta X300, Rolleiflex Old Standard and I also returned to analogue photography.

My biggest passion is to take a Leica in my pocket and disappear somewhere to a river, water, or forest or to walk and explore cities and different places looking for good light and interesting subjects.